Published May 18, 2017

Chinese Airline LOSES A WHEEL During Landing

Oh dear

By Jordan Harris

Airport staff were shocked to see a wheel missing from an Urumqi Air plane after it landed safely yesterday at Henan's Zhengzhou airport.


Surprisingly, none of the passengers reported any strange noises or an uncomfortable landing as the plane taxied into Zhengzhou airport. Interestingly, it was only discovered that the wheel was missing when a maintenance team came to prepare the plane for its next flight.



The missing wheel...


Urumqi Air have since issued an apology to passengers and have stated they'll be doing a comprehensive check of the craft to first determine why the wheel came off and then to make sure there are no further issues.


Although the plane did manage to land safely, we're hoping this'll force airlines across the nation to review their safety measures in an attempt to ensure nothing like this ever happens again.


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