Published May 19, 2017

Chinese To Build Tallest Skyscraper In Africa

By Jordan Harris


China Railway Construction Corporation (CRCC) will construct Africa's tallest building in the Moroccan capital of Rabat, the company announced yesterday after winning a bid against seven other competitors. The state owned Chinese firm will work together with Morocco's General Construction Company of Casablanca to complete the new skyscraper. 



The building will tower over the capital at a height of 250 meters, a whopping 159 meters taller than Rabat's current tallest building. At the moment ,Africa's tallest building is Johannesburg's Carlton Centre at a height of 223 meters.


It's expected that the building will mainly be used for office space, hotels and high end apartments. The CRCC hopes that the building will not only serve as a catalyst in furthering Morocco's skyscraper technologies, but also help promote economic and cultural exchanges in the future between the two countries.


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