Published September 12, 2017

Chinese Child Prodigy Passes College Exam At Just TEN Years Old!

By Jordan Harris

A kid genius from Shangqiu, Henan Province aced her college entrance exam and is starting as a freshman at the Shangqiu Institute of Technology, at just ten years of age. Zhang Yiwen is just starting her 3-year program majoring in electronic information and engineering after scoring 353 on the entrance exam.


Zhang actually took the exam for the first time last year, but only managed a score of 172 and so decided to delay her adventure into university until the next year. 


What's even more impressive is that Zhang has never even been to school before, instead her parents opted to teach her themselves. Her father runs his own training school in the city, where him and her mother would privately teach Zhang along with at home. We wouldn't be surprised if her father's school receives a huge amount of admission requests after Zhang's impressive feat.


Although extremely proud her parents have said they'll be worrying a lot about their daughter's life in college at just ten years old. However they believe everyone will get along well with her and praise her for her ability to be independent at such a young age. They hope eventually she will be able to transfer to a different school and get a PhD.


Despite a difference of ten years, her fellow students at the college dormitory have all taken a liking to her and are happy to take care of their cute roommate during her time there.


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