Published November 14, 2017

Chinese Cop Catches Suicidal Senior Who Leapt From Overpass

By Johnny Roast Beef

Think it's impressive when an NFL receiver makes a diving catch in the end-zone or an outfielder leaps into the stands to prevent a home run? A police officer in Chengdu put them all to shame after he caught a suicidal septuagenarian who leapt from a flyover.


The hero cop, named Gong Xiangcheng, was reportedly walking the beat when other police notified him of the situation. He later found 75-year-old man, surnamed Huang, standing on the flyover looking aimless. However, he could not get a good read on him so he walked to the other side, upon which he saw the man gearing to jump. Gong warned, “do not move. I am coming for you" but to no avail as Huang said "I just want to jump" and put his money where his mouth was. 


However, in a miraculous turn, the cop raced to catch him, and essentially turned himself into a fleshy trampoline, breaking the man's fall. He was later transported to the hospital to have his elephantine balls drained to be treated for fractures sustained during the "catch." Fortunately, Gong is expected to make a full recovery. 


The old man, on the other hand, was reportedly fine after the fall although the state of his mental health is tenuous at best. 


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