Published January 10, 2018

Chinese Dating Apps Shut Down After Girls Found Out To Be Robots

By Jordan Harris

At least 12 dating apps used in China have been shut down after reports that the 'girls' were actually just artificial intelligence programs. 


The apps such as Moucheng would claim users can pay extra to talk with 'hot girls' which many clients would later find that the girls were just bots. Most likely from the conversations getting a little too repetitive and stale. Some of the apps allowed customers to pay extra to watch videos of the girls which would have problems such as failing to load or a 'bad connection'. 


Guangdong's department of public security announced the cases from such apps have involved hundreds of thousands of customers and amounted to profits of more than 1 billion yuan. So far 600 individuals thought to be in connection with the scams have been arrested. 


The gangs used a number of different company names and operated in 13 different provinces and cities, including Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou and Shenzhen.


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