Published December 07, 2017

Chinese Living Near North Korea Told To Prepare For Nuclear Bomb

By Jordan Harris


State-run Jilin Daily published a full page spread telling locals in the area close to the border with North Korea what to do in case of a nuclear strike as tensions with the Hermit Kingdom continue to escalate. 


The article titled “Knowledge about Nuclear Weapons and Protection” gave advice on how to limit the effects of radiation and what to expect in such an attack. Although North Korea was never directly mentioned in the article, it was clear to residents where such a threat would come from. Jilin Province takes up most of the 1,420km border that China shares with the unstable country. 


Some helpful tips the feature brought up was to take iodine pills and to immediately take a shower washing out the mouth and ear after being exposed to radiation. As soon as a strike occurs lie flat on the ground within two seconds and try to take cover, if there is water nearby then jump into it. 


china-ad-war-north-korea-7m (1).jpg

“Knowledge about Nuclear Weapons and Protection”


"The situation appears to be calm now but the site used by North Korea for nuclear testing is very close to Dandong. Sometimes when we look at the sky above North Korea, we cannot tell if it is a mushroom cloud or smog. We are a bit worried.” A resident of Dandong, a city across the river from North Korea said.


North Korea launched a missile test yet again over a week ago despite countless warnings to stop such tests. Analysts have claimed the new Hwasong-15 is larger and more powerful than anything the country has previously built.


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