Published October 06, 2017

Chinese Policeman Runs A Map of China Around Shanghai

By Joe Buddha


A member of Shanghai’s special police force has shot to fame in recent days after he ran a trail in the shape of China and Taiwan around the streets of Shanghai.



Wang Xing ran a total of 101.72km around nine districts of Shanghai to create the map of China and Taiwan, a run he claims was meant as a special birthday present to the motherland and as a way of motivating his colleagues who were forced to work over the national break.


According to Wang, he started his run at 07:15 and didn’t finish until 23:30 that night. Despite the insane length however, Wang claims the ordeal wasn’t as difficult as people might imagine, telling journalists that he runs around 200km a month.


When asked what he made of his sudden online fame, Wang told journalists: “I try not to think about it. I just wanted to celebrate the national holiday in a special way. I didn’t think so many people would be interested in this story, I’m touched.”


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