Published June 15, 2017

Chinese Tourists Pose For Photo With Seagull, Spark Outrage

By Ben Cost

Just when we thought animal rights in China were on the up and up, these boaters in Dalian brought them back to the dark ages when they captured a seagull snapped pictures of themselves gripping the poor bird violently.


The dingalings had reportedly used bait to lure the seagull in close and then snagged it and clutched it tightly by the head and wings so it couldn't fly away. Fortunately, a good samaritan was on standby to take photos of their heinous act, and post them online, where they went viral amongst netizens who dubbed the tourists "trash" and said they should be ashamed of their actions. 


Said one, “They think they have prestige once they get rich. But [they don’t know] how uncivilized they are. “They don’t realize they’re being looked down on because of their bad behavior.” 


May these human dumpster fires be slathered in herring bits and staked to the ground in a rookery with seagulls sporting cyanide-dipped beaks.


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