Published December 07, 2017

Chinese Train Station Swaps Hard Seats For Massage Chairs

By Jordan Harris


Dalian North Station in Liaoning province has become the first train station in the country to install rows of massage chairs in place of hard seats for waiting passengers. 


If the extra comfy seats aren't enough to satisfied impatient travellers, you can use your phone to scan a QR code on the chair and enable additional massage service. Currently the service is free to use but will most likely become a paid extra in the future. You can choose from a five minute, 15 minute or 25 minute massage session and can stop it on your phone if it gets too enthusiastic. The chairs also give you 30 minutes to charge your mobile devices for free. 




Currently the station has 2360 of the electric massage chairs in different colored sections of red, blue and orange and according to several sources the chairs will soon be brought to Dalian Station too. We're just waiting for when they bring these to stations in Shanghai, or better yet replace the seats on the Shanghai Metro with these and our morning commute will be bliss.


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