Published October 11, 2017

Closing Car Boots With Legs Becomes China's Newest Craze

By Tom Miller


We’ve heard of the ice-bucket challenge, we’ve heard of Neknomination, but have you heard of BootLegging?

A new craze is sweeping the internet in China. Chinese women are competing to flaunt their legs by closing car boots by doing the splits.



This bizarre trend began after a young mother was forced to resort to other means of closing the boot of her car since her hands were full. So the resolution was to use her leg. Kan Kan News reports that other women have since followed suit in a bid to show off their legs and flexibility. The video on Kan Kan News’ website shows women using different techniques to compete the task. A tad unnecessary one thinks.



The challenge allegedly began after this young mother was seen having to close her car boot with her leg while holding her child and her handbag. It was seen online and boom...the internet exploded in its usual fashion and immediately a video containing a collection of ladies partaking in this trend went viral.



In a video report posted by, an affiliation of People's Daily, one can see multiple young women using a variety of different techniques to complete the 'challenge'. One woman resorted to a back arch position as she supported herself with her hands and stretched her legs to reach the car.



Another women, with her shopping in hands, swiftly swung her leg up the boot before bending her knee to close it in one go. Long legs are considered a highly desirable feature by women in China. 
All I know is that I can't even touch my offs.


Watch the video that started it all below:


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