Published January 10, 2018

Family Harasses Relative With Late Night Food Deliveries

By Dan Entwistle


A Shanghai resident has been kept up all night for the past few weeks after he inexplicably began receiving 10-20 take-out orders every night that he hadn’t placed.


On December 24th, Shanghai resident Mr Deng was woken up at 1 in the morning by a delivery driver dropping off a burger and fries that he hadn’t ordered. Shortly after returning to bed, another delivery driver arrived, followed soon after by another, and another, until the deliveries stopped at around 4am.


Since then, Mr Deng has been plagued every night by a steady stream of delivery drivers, each claiming to be delivering food that Mr Deng had ordered.


“Last night was the worst,” Mr Deng told Kankan News. “I received almost 20 orders from between 22:30 and 05:30. Sometimes they just press my bell, but sometimes they also bother my neighbours. Everyone in this block has been bothered by them.”



A collection of some of the food order receipts Mr Deng has received over the past few weeks


While Mr Deng was initially confused by the stream of ridiculous orders, he soon guessed that the late night harassment was the result of his niece’s family, with whom Mr Deng is currently involved in a lawsuit.


According to Mr Deng, he launched the lawsuit against his family after they refused to pay him money that he was owed under the Shanghai government’s relocation and resettlement policy.


After filing the lawsuit, Mr Deng’s niece sent him stream of not so cryptic text messages that read: “Don’t worry, there are plenty more meals to come.”


Kankan News spoke to Mr Deng’s niece who confirmed that she was the one wasting her money on all the deliveries, saying: “what I’m doing is within the law…if he decides to drop the lawsuit against my mother then we’ll stop sending deliveries to his house.”


While Mr Deng has repeatedly asked the unnamed delivery companies to stop harassing him, they claim there’s little they can do as all the orders do appear to be genuine.


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