Published September 11, 2017

Five Arrested For Dumping 300 Tons Of Pig Carcasses In E. China

By Ben Cost

In a story that echoes the infamous Shanghai hogwash of 2013, five have been detained for dumping putrid pig carcasses in the mountains near Huzhou City, Zhejiang.


According to Xinhua, "Huzhou Industrial and Medical Waste Treatment Company of sending pigs that died of disease to a landfill rather than for cremation between 2013 and 2014." 


Why dump dead pigs into the ground instead of properly incinerating them? Apparently the company's freezer had a capacity of 50 tons, which either wasn't enough to hold all the diseased pigs they were tasked with disposing or they just wanted to save on costs. So they decided to dump it in the landfill.


Fortunately, the Huzhou authority has rectified the situation by exhuming all the decomposing pigs and plans to incinerate them so putrid pork runoff can't contaminate a river and spawn some kind of a Resident Evil-esque epidemic.


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