Published May 17, 2017

Foreigners More Active On WeChat Than Chinese Users

By Jordan Harris


According to a report recently released by WeChat themselves, foreigners living in China are using WeChat even more than the local population to communicate via mobile. The report states on average, foreigners here send 60 percent more messages per month on the app compared to the native population. 


WeChat stickers are also more popular among international users of the app who send 45 percent more gifs and image stickers than Chinese users. International users are also increasingly using WeChat's extra functions such as "red packets or 'hongbaos' and using WeChat Pay". The survey shows 6 out of 10 foreigners here are using the payment function, an increase from previous years.




The main reason behind this peculiar trend is due to the fact that many local users, especially younger individuals, actually prefer to use QQ messenger while the majority of foreigners living in China will stick to just using WeChat as their go-to messenging service in the Middle Kingdom. 


QQ has been around much longer than WeChat, first released as a desktop version back in 1999, while WeChat was aimed at mobile users and first debuted in 2011. Both programs are developed and owned by the same company, Tencant, and both have a similar number of active users.


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