Published May 18, 2017

Global Cyber Attack Inspires Kid To Demand Money From Father

By Jordan Harris


While most of the world has spent the past week reeling from a ransomware attack that left hospitals, governments, and universities partially crippled, one boy in Jiangsu Province was inspired to use a similar tactic to extort cash from his Dad.


Earlier this week the Jiangsu boy switched off his home's power supply and left a note that read "Your electricity meter and network have been hacked by a virus, cutting the power. Without my help, the electricity will continue to stay off!". Below it was a QR code that went to a digital wallet for his father to pay into.


Unfortunately for the boy the dad was unfazed by the threatening note and simply called in some electricians to fix the problem. They quickly found the circuit breaker had been turned off and that the QR code posted on the ransom note was linked to the son's digital wallet. . “That little brat!" said the Dad in an interview with the Changzhou Daily. "He tried to scam money off his own father!”


Apparently the prodigal son had recently been pestering his father for more pocket money, and when he refused, decided to take matters into his own hands.


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