Published January 05, 2018

Government Releases New 18-Year Master Plan For Shanghai

By Jordan Harris


The government of Shanghai has officially released its master plan for the city from 2017-2035 which is aimed at transforming Shanghai into 'an innovative, humanistic and eco-friendly metropolis with global influence'. The plan has been described as being consistent with a similar development plan that was set out for the period from 1999-2020. 


The 18-year-plan will focus on several main issues such as having a population cap limiting the number of residents to 25 million, which was already announced last week. The city will continue to try and reduce the amount of pollution, aiming to limit the density of pollutants such as PM2.5 to 25mg per cubed meter by 2035. The government will also increase the amount of greenery in the city by a significant amount along with number of museums.


Here's a handy infographic to clearly show some of the major changes the government aims to reach: 



Shanghai will also work together and promote development with neighbouring cities such as Suzhou to help build the Shanghai area into a 'world-class urban cluster'. 


Another aim of the plan will be Shanghai's already well developed transport system. The city plans to further increase the metro system from the current 666km to a whopping 1000km of track along with 1000km of intercity railways serving Shanghai's suburbs. Almost every new town with a population of more than 100,000 people will be covered by rail systems.


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