Published October 11, 2017

Government Temporarily Bans Airbnb in Beijing

By Joe Buddha


Hoping to snag a great deal on an Airbnb stay in Beijing between now and the end of the October? We’ve got some bad news for you, the government doesn’t want you there.


Yesterday evening Airbnb customers renting properties anywhere within the capital’s fifth ring road were sent emails and text messages informing them that they would be unable to rent their rooms at any point between October 11th and October 31st. While no official reason was given other than “because of current circumstances” there’s little doubt that the ban has been put in place because of the upcoming Party Congress which begins on October 18th.



A text message confirming Airbnb locations in Beijing will be suspended until October 31st


A quick search of the Airbnb app reveals that, as promised, no properties are currently available in the capital.



The upcoming Party Congress is having a negative effect on events, work schedules and security all across China. In Xinjiang, government workers had their October vacation suspended in order to allow them to “better prepare” for the Congress. In Shanghai, several events have been cancelled and postponed,  including our sister site’s Family Day event, as a result of restrictions on gatherings of large groups of people. Similarly, security has been beefed up for all trains heading to Beijing.


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