Published October 09, 2017

Grandma With Bigger Balls Than You Takes Up Paragliding

By Tom Miller


A badass grandmother with #nofear has taken to the skies with a motorised paraglider just months after her husband passed away as a way of 'challenging herself.'


Li Jiaxin, 70, first took up the extreme sport in 2008 but apparently was unable to afford a brand new powered paraglider, which costs around $8000, as well as an additional $2000 for lessons. We're guessing her monthly pension just doesn’t stretch that far.


Luckily for Li, she was able to find a second-hand glider for a fraction of the cost and jumped on it quickly. She told China Daily, “I took out all my savings to pursue my dreams of flying”. Li also says she isn't afraid to partake in the solo sport because she “enjoys doing what challenges me - things that are deemed impossible by others”. 



So for all you paragliding virgins out there, a powered paraglider differs to a traditional hang glider in that a giant fan, known as a paramotor, is strapped to the adrenaline-junkie’s back to help them fly. This means that they can take off from the ground instead of launching themselves off a cliff face. It also means they can travel higher and faster than normal paragliders, which just makes her even more epic.



While Li is careful in the air, making sure to never fly on an extremely windy day, the 70-year-old isn't able to afford insurance, making us think she probably has #yolo tattooed on her somewhere.


She usually flies with 45-year-old power plant worker Zhong Hua, after they struck up a friendship over a mutual love of powered paragliding. Friends have started calling Ms Jiaxin the ‘Flying Grandma' and Mr Hua admits she could teach young men a thing or two about taking chances.


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