Published September 12, 2017

Half A Million Might Be Evacuated From S. China Ahead Of Typhoon

By Ben Cost

In order to prepare for Typhoon Talim's pending landfall later this week, Southeast China might evacuate up to 500,000 people, 15 times the number who departed their homes during Typhoon Hato.


The typhoon's strength is projected to be comparable to that of Hurricane Irma, which ravaged the Caribbean and Florida this past week. China's National Meteorological Center (NMC) Tuesday issued a blue alert for the storm system, which is forecast to hit the coastline of Fujian, and pack winds of up to 33 meters per second.


This number is expected to double by the time Talim makes landfall on Thursday or Friday after causing gales to pound Taiwan. Hong Kong will escape the brunt of the typhoon, which will reportedly miss the island by 800 km.


Talim will mark the 19th typhoon to hit China this season. 


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