Published July 10, 2017

Huawei Releases Special Edition KFC Smartphone

By Jordan Harris

Love fried chicken a little too much? No need to tattoo a chicken wing on your forehead, you can now get your mittens on a KFC themed Huawei 7 Plus complete with Colonel Sanders' face etched on the back. Why you ask? Because this is China that's why. 


Huawei announced on their Weibo account that they'll be selling 5,000 of the phones, created especially to celebrate and promote KFC's 30 year anniversary in the Middle Kingdom. The smartphones will be available on their T-mall store from July 13th for all you KFC addicts to fight over. 

Apart from the special engraving on the back, the phone itself is just the same as the Huawei 7 Plus. It's red of course being a KFC phone and also comes pre-installed with the Chinese KFC app, along with “K-music”, an app powered by QQ Music where diners can scan their KFC tray to play music. As opposed to just using QQ music which does exactly the same thing without having to scan a QR code or anything... But we digress. 




KFC is easily the most popular of the western fast food chains in the Middle Kingdom, currently there are 5,138 outlets here for locals everywhere to fuel their newly found fried chicken addiction.


Usually brands tend to pay big bucks to advertise their logos and products in such a way but instead you can now pay to help their advertising front? Make sense? No, well whatever. For those who just need more KFC in their life, you can also buy various official memorabilia on their T-mall shop...


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