Published August 10, 2017

Hubei Man Threatens To Blow Up Plane Unless Pilot Diverts To TW

By Jordan Harris


A passenger on a flight from South Korea's Jeju Island bound for Shanghai Pudong threatened to blow up the plane unless the captain changed route and flew to Taipei. The Spring Airlines flight was close to landing at the airport when the man claimed he had put a bomb on the plane and made his demands. 


Cabin crew refused him several times and eventually took him to the back of the aircraft to prevent him from further causing a ruckus. He was quickly arrested and detained after the plane landed around 20 minutes later. Airport authorities did a thorough inspection of the craft to check whether there was in fact a bomb on board however luckily no such device was found. 


The Hubei native, surnamed Su claimed he had a mental illness when questioned by police. The maximum sentence for such a bomb hoax is five years in prison along with possible charges by the airline for damages or inconvenience caused. 


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