Published September 12, 2017

Huge Bomb Shelter Discovered In Downtown Shanghai

By Jordan Harris

Workers discovered a large abandoned bomb shelter built during the 1970s yesterday, that had been forgotten about for decades. The huge 1,600 square meter shelter has been hidden beneath a man-made hill in Penglai Park, Shanghai's Huangpu District. 


Shanghai has a number of bomb shelters, many of them built in the 60s and 70s when Chairman Mao Zedong told the public to “dig deep and store grain” along with using them as a defence against foreign invaders.


“I can still remember my family donated 20 bricks to build the underground shelter beneath Penglai Park in the 1970s.” One senior citizen living nearby said when the shelter was unearthed. 


The shelter had been detected first by CT (Computed tomography) scanning technology, however the entrance and exit had been long lost. “The shelter’s iron supportive pillars are rusty, while the concrete structures have also been damaged,” Wang Shirui, director for the engineering management department of the city said.


The site is being filled up with foam concrete in order to prevent it from caving in and being a danger to nearby residents and visitors to the park. The process be finished by the end of the month.



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