Published August 10, 2017

Inflatable Trump Chicken From China Put Up At The White House

By Jordan Harris


Citizens of the US were both baffled and amused by the appearance of a giant inflatable chicken with President Trump's signature haircut behind the White House, the residence and workplace of the US president.


The giant Trump chicken first made its appearance late last year as a statue at a mall in Shaanxi Province. It quickly went viral all over Chinese media and blow up versions of the statue started popping up around other malls across the country, including Shanghai. The statue was created to celebrate the year of the rooster in time for Chinese New Year, although why Trump's likeness was featured on them wasn't exactly clear.


The 30 feet high blow up rooster was reportedly the work of filmmaker Taran Singh Brar, who says he installed it to bring to attention Trump's "weak and ineffective" leadership and accused him of playing chicken with North Korea. 


DGzu2grWAAAmTaX (1).jpg


According to USA Today, Brar already obtained permits from the National Parks Service and the Secret Service to install the blow up chicken there. Which would explain why it wasn't teared down within minutes of going up, as it's not exactly hard to spot. Perhaps whoever approved that one wasn't particularly pleased with how Trump was running things either... 


Photos of the inflatable rooster have been making the rounds on Twitter today, with some saying Brar bought the Trump chicken for a whopping 1300 USD. A slight rip off when the same product can be bought from 400 USD (2500 rambos) on Taobao. 


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