Published August 04, 2017

Inner Mongolia's First High-Speed Train Takes A Test Run

By Ben Cost

The latest move in China's campaign to criss-cross the globe with so many railroads it resembles a ball of yarn, Inner Mongolia's first ever high-speed train took its maiden voyage today. 


The train runs from Hohhot to Ulanqab at a speed of 250km/hour, chopping down its predecessor's travel time of an hour by 20 minutes. Yeah, that's still a 100km/hour slower than its Shanghai counterpart, but not bad for a flagship high-speed railway.


Slated to go into service next year, the line will eventually link Hohhot with the yet-to-be completed Beijing-Zhangjiakou railway. Aka we suggest you visit Inner Mongolia ASAP before the pastoral steppes become flush with the usual clusterf*ck of kanip-kanop carts, Costa Coffees and Chinese tourists.


China's high-speed railway network is currently the world's largest with a total length of 19,000 km, a number which is projected to more than double by the year 2020