Published October 12, 2017

Introducing: Shanghai’s Sexiest Garbage Man

By Joe Buddha


While he doesn’t have the most glamorous job in the world, Han Yiming shot back into the public consciousness for the second time in a year today when he was named Shanghai’s most handsome sanitation worker by a Chinese news outlet.



Han first made headlines last year after selflessly rummaging through five tons of garbage to help a Beijing tourist get her phone back. After a three-hour-long search, Han found the phone and was branded a model employee by netizens inspired by his dedication.



Today, the sexy sorter of the city's garbage is back in the headlines after QQ news dubbed him Shanghai’s most handsome post-1990’s sanitation worker.



In their profile of Han, QQ reveals that the hunky hero is a former acrobat who performed for the President of Italy before deciding put aside his passion to join the army in 2012. Despite a continued desire to serve his country, Han was forced to step down in 2014 to take care of his sick mother. What. A. Dream!



Han reportedly takes his sanitation job very seriously and was praised in the article by a colleague who told the QQ reporter that Han takes care of his team, buying them drinks on hot days and stressing a safety first mind-set. The colleague also revealed that if Han sees you slacking off he’s not afraid to crack the whip and get you back in-line.



When he’s not cleaning up the streets of Shanghai, Han can be found at home reading and playing with his pet dog.



While we’re sure many of you are already in love with Han, we’ve got some bad news – he’s getting married! That’s right ladies, Han is preparing to settle down with a local Shanghainese girl. You can see the happy couple in the picture below.




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