Published June 19, 2017

At Least 26 Injured After Plane Encounters Heavy Turbulence

By Ben Cost

From an unruly passenger deploying the emergency slide on a Xiamen Airlines flight to crewmembers being forced to ground a Shanghai-bound plane in Sydney due to a hole in the engine, the skies haven't been the friendliest for Chinese passengers lately. Yesterday 26 people were injured after a China Eastern Airlines flight from Paris to the Yunnan capital of Kunming ran into heavy turbulence.


According to Xinhua, the incident occurred while Flight MU744 from Charles de Gaulle Airport was preparing to touch down at Kunming Changshui International Airport in Kunming. The turbulence was apparently so great that it sent passengers flying into the overhead bins and forced open the luggage lockers, causing bags to fall out onto people, fracturing bones and lacerating scalps. Four people are currently in serious condition. 


China Eastern airlines released a statement on their official Weibo Account reassuring people that all the injured parties were receiving medical attention. They also reminded people to keep their seatbelts fastened while seated.


Said one passenger, "We felt strong turbulence twice and minor turbulence three times. The process lasted about 10 minutes."