Published April 10, 2017

LOOK: Foreigners Seen Picnicking, Drinking Wine On Shanghai Metro

Locals aren't the only ones

By Jordan Harris



Just in case you thought Shanghaiers were the only ones who ate on the metro, several foreigners made 'chicken foot' lady look like a model passenger after they were observed on Friday evening feating and tippling glasses of wine on Shanghai's Line 11. 

Fellow passengers took photos of the group of four as they whipped out a foldable table on the metro train's floor, set it with cutlery plates and napkins and dined on bread, cheese and wine like they were at some pop-up supper club. Luckily they weren't eating any melon seeds or this story could have been much darker

While eating on the metro is technically not illegal, it is strongly discouraged. Several Shanghai lawmakers tried to pass a ban back in 2013, but it was scrapped due to public backlash. So unfortunately, the picnic pioneers probably won't see any punishment for dining on 'Subway sandwiches.' 


Fortunately, they were flagellated online. “This is really bad!” said one netizen. “I hope they’ll quickly investigate and hand out an appropriate penalty!”



Line 11 runs from Shanghai Disneyland in the eastern outskirts of the city all the way to Jiading, it's unsure where the foreigners had their meal from and to though. 

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