Published August 10, 2017

Man Caught Cutting Up Raw Pig Heart on Shanghai Subway

Because where else would you do it?

By Dan Entwistle

Here at SHEX HQ we’ve seen all sorts of bizarre subway stories pass through our news desk. We’re talking people decapitating ducks, parents pushing their kid’s stroller into closing subway doors to stop the car leaving, but we’ve never seen anything quite like this before.


Earlier this week a male passenger was spotted on Line 1 on Shanghai’s subway network cutting up a raw pig’s heart in the middle of the carriage.




According to Tencent news, the man seemingly alarmed passengers on Line 1 at 10 o’clock in the evening when he suddenly pulled out a sharp pair of scissors in the middle of the carriage. The passengers’ surprise then turned to disgust when the man pulled out a raw pig heart and began cutting it up into smaller pieces.


The man has yet to be identified, and netizens are questioning just how he managed to get the pig heart on board the train.


According to the terms of use of Shanghai’s Metro network it is forbidden to carry on items with a “strong unusual smell unless they are safely sealed up in a bag.”



The rule the heart cutter was breaking


We’ve no doubt that Shanghai’s Metro security will be having their feet dragged over the coals to figure out how someone let this the heinous rule breaker onto a busy subway carriage with his pungent item. /sarcasm


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