Published August 11, 2017

Mini Rentable Gym Booths Popping Up On Streets Of Beijing

By Jordan Harris


With China's fixation on the convenience of renting things simply by scanning a QR code, it's not surprising that this next idea would come to fruition. These rentable gym pods have been popping up around various locations in Beijing where you scan to get in and pay per minute to get in some exercise.


Inside contains a treadmill with a TV in front of it. More importantly for the smog-ridden city of Beijing, the workout booths come with an air purifier and air conditioning inside. Unfortunately that's all you're getting, hopefully the booths might add some extras such as free weights if the idea kicks off in the future.




We can see why they'd be an attractive exercise option for people in the city. Pollution levels are often high in the capital, causing most people to shirk from outside exercise such as going for a run or cycling. We're not sure they would be as useful in other cities however such as Shanghai, where for most of the year the pollution stays at a reasonably comfortable level. 


The rent-a-gyms are also being being advertised as super cheap at just 2 jiao per minute. However if you add up costs over time, they're really not that economical for what you're getting. For instance if you did a few one hour runs every week for the next year, it would amount to nearly 2,000 yuan. For that price you can get a year contract at a basic gym with much more facilities than just one treadmill... Still they're a good idea for those who don't want to commit to the long-term gym fees.




The company behind the pods, Misspao have implemented various sharing platform technologies you'll see in China's other shared startups, such as a mobile app with a map of all the pods to find them easily. Misspao plans to set up at least 1,000 of these booths around Beijing by the end of the year. 


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