Published December 06, 2017

Pilot Who Caused Fatal Shanghai Crash May Fly Again In 6 Months

By Jordan Harris


The captain of a seaplane who failed to obey correct instructions and crashed into a bridge killing five of the ten people onboard has had his aviation license revoked for just six months according to SHINE


The Cessna 208B seaplane was to operate a charter flight from Jinshan City to the nearby Zhoushan Archipelago in July last year. Captain Zhang Fuquan started to take off 395 meters from the required runway position later causing the aircraft to crash into the No. 7835 Bridge along the Shanghai to Hangzhou Expressway. Four passengers and the co-pilot were pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital with Zhang and a further four passengers injured in the crash. Luckily the others were in a stable condition with only Zhang requiring surgery on his leg. 


An investigation into the accident later proved it to be Zhang's fault and not a mechanical error. The civil aviation regulator ruled that his license would be revoked for just six months however, a seemingly short time for a pilot who caused five deaths. Although whether anyone will be willing to hire the pilot after such an episode is pretty unlikely. 


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