Published June 19, 2017

Prostitute Promoter Attacks Hotel Manager

By Dan Entwistle


A man in Shanghai was arrested earlier this month after he assaulted a hotel manager who tried to stop him distributing prostitute adverts to guests.


According to local media reports, on June 2nd two men snuck into an All Seasons hotel in Shanghai’s Songjiang district and began sliding adverts for local prostitutes under the doors of guests. Staff at the hotel saw what the men were doing on CCTV and quickly approached them.



Some of the kind of cards slid under the door at cheaper hotels in China


As the manager stepped out of the lift on the seventh floor and walked up to the men, he asked them to hand over the rest of the adverts and leave, telling them he’d already notified the police. Instead of backing down however, one of the card carriers began shouting at the manager before smacking him in the head.


As the man began smacking the manager, one of the hotel cleaners called the police. Luckily they were able to arrive in time to apprehend the assaulter. The other prostitute promoter managed to escape by sneaking out of the hotel's fire escape.


Amazingly the hotel manager said that he was familiar with the two hawkers. Apparently back in February this year he caught them doing the same thing and had had them arrested. Despite this, it only took them three months before they were back to their old prostitute promoting ways. 


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