Published May 12, 2017

"Proud To Be Japanese" Poster Woman Actually Chinese

An awkward moment for Japanese nationalists...

By Jordan Harris

A poster with the tagline "proud to be Japanese" has been the source of much debate across Japan recently, welcomed by many but criticized by those fearing right-wing nationalism is prevailing again in the nation. In a rather amusing twist of fate however it turns out the "proud to be Japanese" woman is not even from the land of the rising sun and is in fact... Chinese. Oh dear.


The image used in the poster is actually this photo from Getty Images which was shot in Beijing with an unknown model, and using the tag "Chinese ethnicity" that confirms the models background.




Anti-nationalists in Japan have been posting the hashtag #YourPatriotismWasMadeInChina on social media. Many are comparing the episode to the "Make America Great Again" hats used during Donald Trump's presidential campaign, where people started to realise the patriot headwear was made in China. "China is supporting all sorts of patriots around the world!" One person exclaimed on Weibo.




The company who produced the photos, Blue Jean Images, have refused to comment due to the matter being a "sensitive issue". Jinja Honcho, a religious organization in Japan that manages shrines, are the company behind the patriotic posters and have tried to downplay the exposé, claiming it  "doesn't specifically say that the featured person is a Japanese person". 


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