Published November 13, 2017

Public Shocked After Man Attacks 4 Year Old Granddaughter

By Jordan Harris


Netizens were horrified after a man was caught on camera violently hitting his own four-year-old granddaughter causing her nose to bleed at a supermarket in Yongzhou, Hunan Province. 


A nearby shop assistant quickly came to her rescue to tend to her after she started bleeding, however moments later the man shoved the woman aside, took the poor kids head in his hands and slapped her across the face because she "wouldn't stop crying". According to local police he became violent because the child was reluctant and scared to get on the escalator, presumably never having taken one by herself before. For some reason this made her grandfather lose his temper, hitting her in the face. 


The man was quickly detained by police for causing minor injuries to the four-year-old. The parents of the child asked for leniency for the grandfather after being contacted by police. It's unsure when exactly the episode occurred however police issued a statement describing what had happened on Sunday afternoon.


After footage of the incident was released around the internet netizens were understandingly shocked and horrified, with some contacting the police to give the grandfather a harsh punishment for his actions. Others stated the man “did not deserve to be a parent”. 


Watch footage of the incident here:


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