Published July 14, 2017

Record Number Of Chinese Tourists Flock To The UK

By Jordan Harris


Britain has seen record numbers of Chinese tourists this year, according to VisitBritain the island nation has had 54,000 tourists from China visit in the first three months of the year. A figure up from 27 percent compared to the previous year. 


Many of the tourists are attracted to the UK for shopping purposes, with the pound still weak from decisions to leave the EU, Chinese visitors can get more pounds for their renminbi than before. Spending from Chinese tourists has also risen 27 percent from last year according to the Independent, spending a record breaking 91 million pounds (eight billion yuan) in the country from January through March. 


"It is very encouraging to see such strong growth from some of our largest and most valuable markets... as well as markets that are important for our future, such as China." Said VisitBritain director, Patricia Yates.


The number is expected to rise even higher for the rest of the year as statistics from travel consultancy Forward Keys reports flight bookings from China to the UK are up 35 percent compared to this time last year. 


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