Published August 09, 2017

Rival Shared Bike Employee Arrested for Setting Mobikes on Fire

By Amay Aggarwal

We knew things were ‘heating up’ between rival bike-sharing firms across the country, but one man just took things to a whole different level. The perp, surnamed Tao has just been arrested for setting 13 Mobikes on fire, in what reports state was “an act of revenge.” 


The strangest part is that Tao actually worked for another bike sharing company, although the name of the rival firm hasn't been publicly disclosed. After noticing that several Mobikes were parked in an area that previously used to belong to his company, he allegedly set them on fire in an act of frustration.


Unfortunately for him, police were able to track him down using surveillance cameras… yeah, it probably would have been wise to check for those before hand... 


Prosecutors in Minhang district have convicted Tao of committing arson, and it turns out that this isn’t even his first act of the kind. Tao had also previously been found obscuring QR codes on several Mobikes. What a douche.


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