Published December 04, 2017

Senior Couple Caught Trying To Smuggle 200 Cockroaches On Flight

By Jordan Harris


An elderly couple were caught trying to take a bag containing 200 cockroaches onto a flight at Guangdong’s Baiyun International Airport.


Security staff at the airport decided to take a closer look at a strange container that had passed through the X-Ray machine, finding a plastic bag with moving objects inside. Staff were shocked and horrified when a cockroach crawled out of the bag. 


According to the couple, the roaches were to be used for a traditional folk remedy to help with a skin condition that the elderly woman had. The insects would be mixed with some medicinal cream and then applied to the skin. 


As one might have guessed already, living organisms such as a bag full of live cockroaches are not permitted to be taken on the plane. The couple were allowed to continue and take their flight after surrendering their army of minions to authorities. Presumably they are now scurrying around collecting fresh roaches at wherever their flight landed. 


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