Published July 13, 2017

Shanghai To Build World Leading Nuclear Power Hub

By Jordan Harris

China is planning to build a nuclear energy hub within five years in order to propel the country into becoming a global leader of nuclear power. The plant which aims to be a a frontrunner in nuclear innovation will be located in our very own Shanghai (outside of the metropolitan area) and officials hope the area will be used to make major breakthroughs in nuclear energy research.


According to People's Daily, the site will be headed by two of China’s top nuclear energy producers, China National Nuclear and China Nuclear Power Engineering, along with many other companies and research institutes. It’ll mainly be used for research and development and producing nuclear reactors along with marine nuclear power platforms and special nuclear materials.


"As China moves to the forefront of nuclear technology, there is a greater need for the integration of resources between research institutes and companies. In the next step, SNPTC will team up with Shanghai Jiaotong University to build a technology testing and verification base in Shanghai’s Lingang District,” said Zheng Mingguang, deputy general manager of the Shanghai-based State Nuclear Power Technology (SNPTC).


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