Published July 17, 2017

Shanghai Could Experience Temps Of 40 Degrees This Week

By Ben Cost

Just when you thought it was safe to go back outside.....Shanghai forecasters predict that the Mercury could hit 40 degrees later this week (104 degrees Fahrenheit), marking the highest temperature of the year so far. To put it in lay terms, that's hotter than the forecast for all the equatorial countries around the world. 


The city has been on orange alert -- the second highest of the three tiers -- since last week, which saw temperatures soar to a face-melting 39.7 degrees celsius.


To add insult to injury, the scattered thunderstorms and spots of rain forecast this week won't cause the Hibachi-esque heat to abate one bit -- meaning that if the sun doesn't sear you, the humidity will make you feel like you're trapped in the jock strap of a Botswanan marathon runner (total meteorologists here....). 


The heat is more than just a nuisance; a man in Jiashan county was recently admitted to a hospital in Changcheng County after suffering from heat stroke, and dog attacks are reportedly on the rise. According to Shanghai Daily, "from April to June, Shanghai Punan Hospital received 6,620 patients attacked by dogs, up 39.2 percent on the first three months and 11.7 percent from the same period last year." The cause was apparently home owners leaving their pooches home sans air conditioning, causing them to get agitated.....yeah we'd probably get a little bitey too.  


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