Published November 13, 2017

Shanghai Disney Crackdown Begins This Week

By Joe Buddha


Are you one of the many visitors to Shanghai Disney who bring in their own food and drink to avoid having to pay extra while you’re in the park? If so, have we got some bad news for you.


According to Shanghai Disney, from Wednesday November 15th guests will no longer be allowed to bring outside food, alcohol, or soft drinks (providing the soft drinks have a volume of more than 600ml) into Shanghai Disneyland. This marks a dramatic change from the existing policy which states that food from outside the park can be brought in providing it is “commercially packaged, sealed, unopened, and ready to be consumed without any preparation or process.”



What Disney could look like the day of the ban


"We’ve been going to Disney religiously for a year and taking your own food has been one of the most convenient things about going,” said Disney season pass holder and SHEX contributor Tom Miller when we informed him of the rule change. “Disney may be shooting themselves in the foot with this decision.”



A message about the new rules as shown in the Shanghai Disney Resort app


The new rules also prohibit individuals from selling and/or exchanging goods and services within the park, which means from Wednesday on, those annoying touts whispering offers of fast passes and VIP tickets at you will hopefully be kicked out. Unfortunately though, we doubt Disney will be able to adequately crack down on those loud hawkers on the metro selling fake Minnie ears as you leave the park at night.


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