Published May 19, 2017

Shanghai Disneyland Ticket Sales Set to Destroy Hong Kong Rival


By Dan Entwistle


Shanghai Disney Resort today announced that over 10 million people have visited the park since it first opened 11 months ago.


The figure, which was released today in honor of China’s national tourism day, will no doubt come as worry to executives at nearby Hong Kong Disneyland, who have yet to see attendance figures rise over 7.8 million in a single year.


To make matters worse, Disney’s Hong Kong location recently announced that visitor attendance dropped by 11% from 6.8 million in fiscal 2015 to 6.1 million in fiscal 2016. A factor that undoubtedly influenced by the opening of the Shanghai park in June last year.


Hong Kong Mickey.jpg


Meanwhile, on this side of the Lowu border, Disney execs seem to be nothing but happy with Shanghai Disney’s success. In a press release sent out today, Philippe Gas, the general manager of Shanghai Disney Resort said: “We’re extremely pleased and humbled to have welcomed our first 10 million guests to Shanghai Disneyland…The resort’s rapidly growing popularity and extremely high levels of guest satisfaction add to our confidence in the growing demand for our attractions and entertainment, and the overall development of China’s tourism industry.”


Executives at the Walt Disney Company will no doubt be hoping that the Shanghai park goes on to replicate the success of Tokyo Disneyland, the entertainment giant’s most profitable venture who also took eleven months after opening to get 10 million guests through their gates.


Clearly not content to sit on their laurels, the Shanghai park announced back in November that construction has already begun on their first expansion, Toy Story Land. According to Disney officials the new site is set to open in 2018 and will include three completely new attractions as well as a themed character greeting area where guests will be able to meet a selection of their favorite Toy Story characters.


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