Published June 18, 2017

Shanghai Disney’s First Year in Numbers

By Dan Entwistle


Yesterday marked the first anniversary of the opening of the Shanghai Disney Resort. To celebrate the occasion, Disney CEO Bob Iger and a bunch of Mickey’s other heavies showed up to give speeches and put on an extra special firework show. Instead of boring you with a rundown of what they said (not much), here’s a rundown of Shanghai Disney’s first year in numbers.


Disney's 5 most Ridden Rides (In Order)


1. Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for the Sunken Treasure



2. Alice in Wonderland Maze



3. Buzz Lightyear Planet Rescue



4. TRON Lightcycle Power Run



5. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train




Fun Park Facts



11 million – The number of guests who’ve visited Shanghai Disney since it opened


10,000 – The number of employees Shanghai Disney has hired to date


15 tons – The amount of toffee sold in the resort over the past year


9 million – The number of Fastpass tickets distributed to guests


170,000 – The number of Disney balloons sold in the first year


5 tons – The amount of rice sold PER DAY across the resort



Disney CEO Bobby Iger showing the world he's still got mad game


377 – The number of Shanghai towers needed to match the length of all the corndogs and turkey legs sold in the park if you were to lay them end to end (238km long)


110 – The number of different kinds of themed mugs available to buy across the resort


600 – The number of times the Mickey’s Storybook Express parade has run through the park


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