Published January 11, 2018

Shanghai Investigating Marriott For Calling Tibet A Country

By Jordan Harris

Popular hotel chain Marriott is being investigating in Shanghai after a questionnaire listed regions such as Tibet And Hong Kong as separate countries. China strongly rejects such claims which are seen as a sensitive topic for the nation. 


The hotel chain had published a questionnaire in Mandarin which asked the question "Which country do you live in?" and listed a number of countries including Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and Tibet. All of which China strongly claims sovereignty over. Patriotic netizens quickly posted and shared screenshots of the survey online, angrily berating the 'mistake' and calling for boycott of the hotel. "Boycott Marriott! Get out of China!" one Weibo user said. 


Authorities in Shanghai announced they were investigating the hotel's error stating they had violated national cyber-security and advertising laws. Marriott have since quickly apologised saying they were "deeply sorry" and wished to "reiterate our usual stance in respecting China's sovereignty and territorial integrity". According to them the questionnaire has been changed to comply with China's requirements and they are doing their best to rectify any 'bad influence' from the error.


Taiwan has been self-ruled since 1949, however China continues to claim sovereignty over the island. Tibet on the other hand is firmly controlled by the Middle Kingdom as an "autonomous region" and is rarely referred to as a separate country. 


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