Published May 19, 2017

Shanghai Kindergarten Teacher Accused Of Abusing Children

By Jordan Harris


A worrying story has emerged in Chinese media about a kindergarten teacher that has been caught using corporal punishment on children.


The story came to light after a someone posted on WeChat about their friend's child telling their parents of the abuse. The child allegedly told the parent: "Mom, It really hurts when the teacher pinches my stomach, like I'm sinking in the ocean and about to die." The child then went on to further list some of the punishments his fellow classmates had received. Some were hit across the ears, others were choked and forced to hold a scalding hot pot. The teacher allegedly threatened them with more punishments if they said anything about it to their parents.



The original WeChat post in Chinese.


According to local reports it's believed the teacher has been abusing children for nearly three years now.


Reporters tried to visit the Marong Jindi Gelin Kindergarten in Jiading, but the school refused to allow anyone access for an interview. The education authority in Jiading is currently investigating the matter.


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