Published July 13, 2017

Shanghai Mall Introduces Pods For Partners Bored From Shopping

By Jordan Harris


Shanghai's Global Harbour mall has introduced entertainment booths dubbed as 'husband rest pods', aimed at anyone bored and waiting for their partners to finish shopping. At the moment the mall has placed four of them around the mall. 


The pods are currently in a month long trail period where visitors to the mall can use them free of charge. After the trail period the company will introduce charges where users can pay by scanning the QR code on the pod. Each of the one-person-booths has a relaxing chair, TV screen and gaming system. If successful the company behind may introduce them into other malls around Shanghai. 



Dude... you've been there for three hours, can we switch?


So far the pods have seen mixed reviews amongst the public. Several women have complained that now their partners are spending too long in the booth, and they're having to drag them out of the mall instead of the other way round. “A man is supposed to accompany his girlfriend to shop. I’ll be the bored one if he plays games and has fun by himself.” Another said. Several people who have used the pods have complained that the air con turns off, leaving them sitting there in a sweaty mess after a few minutes. 


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