Published December 06, 2017

Shanghai Metro To Get Artificial Intelligence Ticket System

By Jordan Harris


Heads up Shanghaiers, the Shanghai Metro is about to go hi-tech banding together with Alibaba and Ant Financial to develop an AI ticketing system. Users will soon be able to order tickets just by telling the machine where you want to go, both station or address via built in voice recognition software. It will recognise well-known places such as "Pearl Tower" and addresses and give you directions on how to get there from your current location.


“We are now able to capture the voice of the passenger despite all the noise in the station.” A voice control engineer from Alibaba told reporters. “As far as I know, this machine is the first one around the world to accurately capture the right information under a noisy circumstance.” As long as you are within a metre of the machine it should capture your voice. At first the machine will only be able to understand Chinese and not English or other foreign languages yet, however adding other foreign languages should be relatively easy and will most likely be added later.


In addition to the swanky hi-tech voice recognition machine, Alibaba is also helping to develop a facial recognition system for the entrance turnstiles. After registering in the system passengers who can ride the metro for free such as people aged 70 and older you will be able to just walk through without a ticket. Although there are no plans yet to connect this with a payment system for regular users, there is potential for such a method in the future. 


The phone payment system where you can pay via smartphone app is currently being rolled out along the Shanghai Metro and will go into use early next year. 


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