Published April 10, 2017

Shanghai Police Bust Fake Taxi Ring Near Jinqiao

Took a cab in Pudong? It might've been fugazi

By Jordan Harris


Yesterday, Shanghai's traffic law enforcement team busted a fake taxi gang in Pudong near Jinhai Road Station who were severely overcharging unsuspecting customers. 


The investigation started when police received a tip off from a passenger who rode in one of their taxis. The man was charged 41 kuai for a short three kilometer journey, around three times what it should have cost him. When he got angry and refused to pay such a high price, the dodgy cab driver threatened him saying he would take the cash by force and that he could do what he likes because it was not even a real taxi (way to to not blow your cover buddy). The cops went to the same area to check vehicles, taking a total of six taxis off the road and arresting five of the drivers. Authorities are currently on the hunt for a sixth suspect.


The gang had illegally installed fake taxi signs, false license plates and fake meters they could bump up prices with. The crackdown just shows how a number of fake taxis are still operating on the streets of Shanghai today, often patrolling the Pudong periphery for unsuspecting victims. Last year police, found 13 fake taxis parked around Pudong's Caolu Town. 



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