Published August 11, 2017

Shanghai Was China's #2 International Trade Hub In 2016

By Ben Cost

Because Shanghai wasn't killing it enough before, the 'Hai was named the city with the second most international trade in China in 2016, according to a survey released by the General Administration of Customs for the People's Republic of China.


The survey ranked 100 cities on a variety of factors, including international trade competitiveness, structural competitiveness, efficiency competitiveness, development competitiveness and potential competitiveness.


Unsurprisingly, seaport cities fared the best with eight out of the top ten cities being located in the Pearl River Delta, according to China Daily


Here are the top ten cities:


1. Shenzhen

2. Shanghai

3. Dongguan

4. Suzhou

5. Zhuhai

6. Guangzhou

7. Xiamen

8. Tianjin

9. Ningbo

10. Beijing (suck it!)


Despite last year's economic downturn, Shanghai has been killing lately from being named China's #1 city for expats to boasting the nation's second highest property prices after Shenzhen. 


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