Published October 09, 2017

Shanghai’s 10 Most Visited Attractions This Holiday

By Dan Entwistle


With the holiday period now officially over, the Shanghai tourism bureau have tallied up all the ticket stubs and boarding passes and have released a bunch of information about the city’s sights during the October holiday.


According to the bureau, over 10.59 million tourists visited Shanghai between September 30th and October 8th, with 874,000 people taking flights in and out of Pudong and Hongqiao airports collectively.


7.17 million people visited the 135 tourism destinations the bureau monitors, and we’ve compiled the top 10 most visited in a handy list for you below. Oh, and if you’re wondering where Shanghai Disney is on this list, they haven’t disclosed their numbers. Although if this policeman’s estimates are to be believed we’d guess they’ve seen around 480,000 guests.


Shanghai's Most Visited Tourist Sites - Golden Week 2017


10. The Natural History Museum - 97,000 visitors


9. China Art Museum -  113,900 visitors


8. Happy Valley - 117,000 visitors


7. Century Park – 123,000 visitors


6. Oriental Pearl Tower – 149,000 visitors


5. Science and Technology Museum – 179,000 visitors


4. Fengjing Water Town – 191,500 visitors


3. Shanghai Zoo 222,000 – visitors


2. Shanghai Wild Animal Park – 239,000 visitors


1. Zhujiajiao Water Town – 402,000 visitors


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