Published April 07, 2017

Students Outraged Over Anti-Chinese Flyers Posted At US University

One Time Where US College Students Aren't Crying WolfOn Racism

By Jordan Harris


Students at Austin's University of Texas were shocked this week to see racist flyers labelling Chinese students "unethical" and offering lessons on how to curb their "amoral" behavior. It also lists various examples of alleged unethical practices Chinese students engage in. 


Students were unsurprisingly horrified at the notes with one student posting on Facebook “I’d never thought that racism could occur on the UT campus... dear friends and family, this has really touched a bottom line of civility. Everyone deserves the right to equality. F**k racism.”


President of the university, Greg Fenves, released a statement on Monday saying the flyers were being taken down, and called them hateful, biased and completely unacceptable. He then posted again the next day to say they'd found the student responsible and are reviewing the appropriate punishment for his actions. The university also recently published a document detailing an action plan to encourage diversity and inclusion around the campus and university. It looks like they still have a long way to go before they reach their goal however. 



Pictures of the racist flyers are going viral across the internet with individuals and news organizations alike dubbing them racist lies. However, while we disagree with the discriminatory and obtuse approach, as anyone living in China will know, people here often behave in ways that can offend others from Western cultures such as spitting and belching in public. We wouldn't go so far as to call them unethical but people should try to adhere to the behavior standards of whatever country they're in. In fact, China even released a 64-page handbook telling its citizens how to conduct themselves while abroad that highlights the same behaviors. 


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