Published July 14, 2017

Tandem Bike Debuts On China's Shared Bicycle Scene

By Ben Cost

It's hard to stand out in a shared bike scene that's become saturated with every gimmick under the sun from rainbow rides to bicycles lacquered in "Tuhao gold."  However, one company has carved out a new niche by launching a new Tandem bicycle, which recently debuted in Beijing's Olympic park. 


Clocking in at a pricey 10RMB per ride, this literal shared bike is only available in parks, university campuses and certain tourist attractions.




It's yet unclear if people will follow 'airport cab' logic where two parties who don't know each other can get on the contraption and just drop each other off at their respective stops. 


At this point, we think it will behoove a company to edge out the competition by offering a 'Swiss Army' bike that comes in Tuhao Gold, features a USB charger and smog converter, and an attachable basket and leather seat for the ladies.


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