Published January 12, 2018

Thirteen Sentenced In SH For Selling Over 1 Million Fake Fruits

By Jordan Harris


Thirteen people were sentenced yesterday by a court in Shanghai for selling fake logos and fruit from famous fruit brands such as Dole, Sunkist and Zespri. 


The defendants were tried in six different cases, the harshest sentence being two years and eight months to a man surnamed Ji. The crook had sold stickers both online and at his shop, 141,000 of the stickers were found when his store was raided back in May. 


Most of the thirteen had stores in wet markets and fruit wholesale markets, they'd then sell stickers to other fruit vendors too who would then rise their prices considerably marketing their products as high quality imports. Often they were just cheaper local products.


Authorities found a total of 1.1 million pieces of fruit had been sold over time with the counterfeit labels. 


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